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Do you have a personal or business voicemail that you need to save but your carrier’s system keeps asking you to delete voicemails to make room for others? If so, we have created the Voicemail Saver to work with your Android's Visual Voicemail so that you can save those voicemails that you do not want deleted.
1. Download the VoicemailSaver app , and click Register.
2. After registering, sign in and close out the app.
3. Go to your Visual Voicemail and choose the voice mail message that you would like to save and press on it. A window will pop up. Choose "forward" or "share". If your voicemail does not support the share or forward feature, don’t worry. Read the IMPORTANT INFORMATION below.
4. If your voicemail supports “share” or “forward”, then you are ready to go. After pushing down and holding the voicemail you would like to save, click on the Voicemail Saver icon (the orange lifesaver) to save your voice mail. Name and date your voicemail so that you can easily find it using the "Search" feature.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The VoicemailSaver works together with the Android Visual Voicemail feature on your smartphone. After downloading the Voicemailsaver app, if you find that your voicemail does not support a “share” or “forward” feature, then please download INSTAVOICE from the Google Playstore. This is a VISUAL VOICEMAIL, which works well with all Android phones. Once you download INSTAVOICE from the Playstore, you will be able to use the VOICEMAILSAVER. For step by step directions on how to use INSTAVOICE, please visit our website at
Invite all of your friends from your social media accounts using our "Invite" feature. They will thank you for the invite. Everyone wants to save some voice mail messages forever.
Please email or call us if you have any questions. 305-505-1500888 498 8730
The VoicemailSaver is Patent Pending.